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Professional Summary

I love to build awesome products!

I am a goal-oriented software engineer with a knack for solving problems.
I bagged a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science from Madonna University Nigeria, while also emerging as the Best Graduating Student.
I have 4 years of hands-on experience building solutions for businesses in a variety of domains using modern technologies like Angular, React, NodeJS, MongoDB, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. I have worked directly with customers and carried out projects with diverse teams of individuals from different parts of the world. I am young and energetic, and I enjoy applying my vibrancy to the success of amazing products.

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Go to Modern Web Applications

Modern Web Applications

I’m excited about modern web applications and technologies such as RESTful apps, Single Page apps and Progressive web apps.

Go to Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

With about 66% of the world’s population using mobile devices, developing applications for these devices is one of my exciting interests.

Go to Capacity Building

Capacity Building

In a world of ever-changing challenges and technologies, I’m determined to maximize my potential to remain competent in my endeavours.

Go to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

What defines a smart world more than one where most tasks are automated and made effortless? I am enthusiastic to play a part in the next digital revolution.

I am excited to share ideas with you about your next project

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