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Few things are impossible to diligence & skill - Samuel Johnson.

John Lawal is a goal-oriented and self-directed software developer with a knack for solving problems.
He bagged a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science from Madonna University Nigeria (where he also emerged the Best Graduating Student for that year).
He is dedicated to providing cutting edge IT solutions to various challenges while acquiring skills in Software Engineering, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Data Analytics and Programming with languages such as Java, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, R and Python.
He is open to new Ideas, teams, challenges and opportunities.

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Big Data Analytics

Despite the speedy rate at which data is generated around us every second, only a few qualified professionals are well equipped to make sense out of it. Luckily, I’m one of them :)

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Web Application Development

From E-Commerce, Business Brochures, Personal Websites up to the newest Ideas, I’ve got you covered.

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Mobile Application Development

With about 63% of the World’s population using mobile devices, your idea might just need a mobile application to pay off big time!

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Capacity Building

Are you ready to join the league of extraordinary developers? I can show you just how to get there!

I can help you on that next project!

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