The Kind Of Leader I Want To Be

I just completed a course on ‘Leadership for Technical Managers’ organised by my University as part of the curriculum for my masters’ degree program. The course was taught by the great international speaker, executive coach and corporate educator, Jim Bagnola. Jim made me see leadership in ways I have never thought of before. I realised several issues that go with leadership which I was ignorant of. As part of the last submissions for the course, we were asked to write about the kind of leaders we would like to be. Afterwards, I and a few others were given the opportunity to present our papers to the class. I have also decided to publish my paper for those who may be interested in having the paper to either learn from or give feedback.  I’ll appreciate your honest contributions and comments on this issue.

The Kind of Leader I Want To Be

I understand that no one is born a leader but in certain situations or events, people find needs and go ahead to take the lead. I want to be someone who is sensitive to the needs around me and is capable of taking the lead to make sure that those needs are met in the most efficient and effective ways possible. With the knowledge that leadership is an event, I want to be ready to be a leader when events that call for some leadership come up. To the best of my ability, I want those who will decide to follow my leadership in such events to be greatly satisfied with my performance. Instead of dreaming of being a perfect leader, I have identified certain skills and characteristics I am going to imbibe to be a true leader at every point. These also combine some action ideas worth implementing. I must say that this course contributed greatly to these ideas and issues and I am very glad I participated in it. Now to the issues and action ideas:

  • I will have to develop the necessary skills and ability to do any task I seek to carry out and be good at what I do.
  • I should be able to set specific targets and match them up with possible plans to meet them.
  • I must be able to effectively coach those who follow me and help them become better versions of themselves. My followers should be proud to say that I support them even in tough times. My words and actions must never denigrate my followers.
  • I must always make sure that I abide by the right ethics of service to which my actions are bound and never compromise on what’s right.
  • Without being arrogant, I must be capable of giving negative feedback when due. I should also be appreciative when I receive a negative feedback and be open to change.
  • My actions must always match my words and vision. I must be genuinely truthful and fair in all my dealings. I must thrive to be prudent, optimistic and positive.
  • Certainly, I must learn to put principles ahead of politics.
  • I have to constantly realize that leadership is about service and be willing to serve those who follow my leadership. I must develop my listening skills and give people a chance to clearly express their opinions and ideas.
  • Never should I fail to express gratitude to those who it is due.
  • When faced with tough situations, I must be ready to make the tough decisions that they
    may need.
  • My ego must give room for me to appreciate the strength and talents of others. I must constantly recognize that two good heads are better than one. I must be able to speak the followers’ language.

While there are several more lessons I will have to learn and experiences I will have to gain, I am convinced that when I can honestly check all the boxes, then I have become the leader of my dreams. The road to meet this might be tough and challenging, but I won’t be deterred. I now have the tools, what’s left is to put them to good use.

Thank You!

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